PRE-ORDER Trilogy Set“Fixing The Broken…The New Trilogy Book Release by Jerome Redd


BOOK 1 “Fixing The Broken, Without Being Broken” (Turning On The Light, So That Change Can Take Place)
Book 1 shows you right from the onset how one innocent question can be turned into a three-book series on the art of brokenness. The author first shows you his brokenness, coupled with the powerful influence of one 6th-grade teacher, which ultimately gave pause to the author’s stinking thinking. After graduating High School and retiring from the United States Army, the author took what he learned as a child and in the Army and miraculously changed the lives of some sad, at-risk youth out of New York City. He provides some specific accounts and even gives examples of how this miracle took place.

BOOK 2 “Fixing The Broken, Without Being Broken”(The Unsuspecting Impact)
Although Book-1 demonstrates and gives examples of the true impact of a one-on-one connection/disconnection between a child and an adult, Book-2 goes behind the scenes. It unveils and strips down the façade of human nature, deception, and miscommunication among all parties involved. The author also gives the example of the good, the bad, and the ugly, when it came to teaching and reaching these kids. He shows you how he had to fight multiple battles, while at the same time, trying to save our youth. It was not pretty. He also gives excellent examples and commentary to parents, caregivers, teachers, etc, of what they should be doing and looking for if they truly expect to change the lives of those kids that are broken.

BOOK 3 “Fixing The Broken, Without Being Broken”(The Poetic Journey)
In Book-3, the author shares a number of familiar and new affirmations that he consisting shared with these guys on a daily basis. These affirmations became triggers that forced these youth to stop and take pause each and every time they heard them. In Book 1&2, the author shows you their journey. Nevertheless, in Book 3, the author shows the audience how these kids took him on a journey after he left that facility by taking their advice and getting 3 books of poetry published, which are included in Book 3 and did well in the marketplace.

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