Jarome speaks both locally and Internationally
to schools, communities, and businesses


Served the country for 21 years in US Army. Returned at-risk youth
to NYC successfully after 6 months.

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Let’s Think Change Grow?

Think change grow isn’t complicated at all. In one’s desire for purpose or pursue of value, life sometimes makes this appear very complicated. I don’t believe that this is so. People are born with greatness, but we let life steal it from us. We ultimately become just average or below average. Without spending a lot of time and money, people should implement the following. Think about what it is that you really want and desire out of life. Then consider/inventory what is missing to achieve that desire and then insert it into your equation/life and watch growth take place. If you are growing, you are learning. If you are learning that only open’s you up to so many positive possibilities. This is why (Think Change Grow) is so powerful.


Jerome Redd

Call him an actor, author, comedian, husband, instructor, mentor, soldier, retiree, public speaker, friend and more. Jerome Redd is a man of many talents, abilities, and skills. If you ask him what characterizes him the best, he might say the follow. His sixth-grade teacher, Mr. Posey, told him that he could be anything he wanted to be. And although he didn’t fully understand at the time, he still believed Mr. Posey then and he definitely believes him now. Jerome, coming from an impoverished background, refused to allow that setback determine his future and his fate. There was negativism on the inside and the outside.

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